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Save hours on logistics with Deel Equipment

Managing the equipment process in-house often leads to a poor employee experience, tax non-compliance, and thousands of wasted hours for People Ops and IT teams. That’s where we come in.

Deel Team
Written by Deel Team
September 15, 2022

Laptops, monitors, and headsets, oh my! Getting remote hires what they need can be a logistical nightmare—from finding a local supplier to filling out customs forms and tracking the delivery.

According to Hofy, a global equipment provider, it takes an average of over 1.5 hours for an employer to organize one international equipment delivery. And about 2-3 additional hours to sort out collection tasks like finding a courier and filling out international customs forms. It all adds up to days spent navigating this mundane process. IT demands won’t slow down as your business grows, and 10 new hires could mean 30 devices to source, ship, and manage.

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Managing the equipment process in-house often leads to a poor employee experience, tax non-compliance, and thousands of wasted hours for People Ops and IT teams. That’s where we come in. Our latest product, Equipment, shortens the process to a few clicks. Select Equipment while creating a contract, and we’ll take care of the rest. With our equipment rental, you’ll:

  • Massively reduce time spent equipping new employees
  • Stay within your equipment budget no matter where  your hire lives 
  • Offer a consistent experience for your global team —from device selection to seamless delivery
  • Fix issues fast with around-the-clock IT support

Worldwide equipment rentals, made easier than ever

Reduce long hours of getting new hires what they need with just a couple of clicks. Now you can add equipment for your new hire in a couple of clicks during the contract creation process on Deel. We’ll handle the rest with our partner Hofy, that will source it, do the shipping admin, and deliver the item(s) in under 5 days*. Equipment rented through Deel comes with a lifetime warranty and effortless management, so repairs and getting a loaner are no big deal.

Save up to 5 hours doing manual tasks when allocating team equipment


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Stay within your equipment budget

Supplying and shipping home office equipment worldwide can add up to hundreds of dollars in courier and custom fees. With Equipment, you no longer need to account for customs fees, currency exchange fees, or additional charges. No matter where your hire lives—the UK or Brazil—you get transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

Deliver the same onboarding experience for your team anywhere 

Provide your new hire with a seamless onboarding experience to make everyone feel welcomed—from receiving top-notch equipment to door-to-door delivery. With Hofy’s 99% worldwide on time-delivery rate and protection, your new hire is set up for success ahead of their start date.

Fix issues fast with around-the-clock IT support

Even if you're a small company of 50, this can mean over 100 devices to manage. That's a small business with not-so-small IT demands. Fear not; Hofy provides on-demand lifetime device support, warranty, and loaner devices. 

Is it worth trying our Equipment Rental? You decide.

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How to get started

Equipment rental on Deel operates on a subscription basis. You pay a flat fee per piece of equipment, with pricing varying based on equipment item, location, and contract length. 

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Equipment is now available for new and existing full-time employee contracts.

  1. If creating a new contract, choose “Equipment” in the Extra section. To add Equipment to an existing contract, navigate to the “Equipment” section in the Contracts overview.  
  2. Select equipment items  (laptops, monitors, headsets, and more)  that you’d like to add to the contract. Even choose a brand, keyboard layout, and the lease period.
  3. Review and confirm your selection. And that’s it! Hofy will contact your new hire or current employee to confirm their delivery address. 
  4. Check the status of any delivery via Deel or by using the tracking number of your delivery.

Switch to a more seamless way to hire and onboard remote workers 

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Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless. Ready to get started?






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