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How Deel Is Reinventing the Immigration Journey

Streamline your work visa process with Deel. Experience a seamless blend of technology and expert support for a transparent and stress-free application.

Jemima Owen-Jones
Written by Jemima Owen-Jones
April 12, 2024
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The immigration process can be stressful and uncertain for work visa applicants and hiring companies. With Deel Immigration, you can expect a best-in-class experience combining technology and human touch for transparent and streamlined immigration. 

Getting a work permit and moving to a new country is a very personal and scary experience. These immigration processes are also not very transparent or straightforward. The most important thing is to remember that this isn’t a process but a human that you are supporting. This person has hopes and dreams, fears and feelings, and you can’t treat them like a number or a set of documents. If you treat them with honesty, dignity, and transparency, even during the most difficult moments (and there will certainly be some), you will still be able to get the outcome you’re after together.

Masha Sutherlin, Director of Mobility and Corporate Legal, Deel

With Deel’s new on-platform case tracker view, visa status timeline, real-time status updates, and on-demand access to mobility case managers, visa applicants and employers can stay informed every step of the way. Discover some of the features below.

The company view

👀 Case tracker: The new case tracker feature on the Deel platform provides companies with a comprehensive overview of all their workers’ active visa applications.

image 1-3

👱 Applicant details: Click on a worker’s profile for an overview of their application details. This overview includes the worker’s personal information, an estimated timeline for case completion along with the necessary steps, detailed explanations of both submitted and pending documentation, and any applicable fees.

image 2

⌛ Status timeline: There’s also a dynamic status timeline showing the applicant’s current stage in the process and what’s coming up. 

image 3

The applicant view

✅ Onboarding checklist: Applicants can view and complete their immigration onboarding steps, including submitting employment agreement details, verifying their identity, and going through the process of having their immigration documents reviewed.

Onboarding checklist

⌛ Process overview: By navigating through each step, applicants can access a comprehensive description of the process, including detailed requirements and a visual timeline.

Process overview

🔔 Required actions: The ‘view all’ button brings up a comprehensive list of all necessary actions required of the applicant to advance their case.

Required actions

📂 Self-serve document upload: The self-serve document upload feature makes it easy for applicants to provide the necessary documentation to support their case. 


🆕 Status updates: Once all required actions have been completed, the applicant will notice their status timeline updates to “In Review. 

Status update

🎒 Immigration essentials: Applicants have the opportunity to explore a variety of relocation service providers, allowing them to receive discounts on essential relocation assistance in their new country. These services cover everything needed for a smooth transition, including housing, transportation, connectivity, finance, and (most importantly) pet relocation 🐶.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 10.30.06

Get total transparency from start to finish with Deel

No longer will you be left in the dark during the visa application process. Deel is re-inventing the immigration journey to make it stress-free and predictable for both workers and companies. 

The global HR platform has everything you need to support your global team. You can:

  • Check a candidate’s visa eligibility before creating an employment contract 
  • Have Deel hire and correctly classify your worker (especially handy if you don’t have a legal entity in the country you’re hiring in)
  • Have Deel sponsor your applicant’s visa for an accelerated and hands-off approach to immigration
  • Provide discounted relocation services 
  • Oversee all company immigration activities via your dashboard and receive reminders when work authorizations are due to expire or need renewing 
  • Create work contracts that comply with all local labor laws 
  • Run background checks
  • Administer benefits and perks, including healthcare, equity, and retirement plans 
  • Provision equipment and flexible coworking space memberships 
  • Run global payroll 
  • Manage your team with Deel Engage plugins for smooth onboarding, time off, pulse surveys, and more
Our vision is to make Mobility simple, transparent, and fun. We want our clients to be able to outsource the complexity to Deel and let Deel Immigration help them expand globally in a rapid and compliant way.

Masha Sutherlin, Director of Mobility and Corporate Legal, Deel

Sound like the ideal solution? Learn more about Deel’s visa and immigration services, or book 30 minutes with a product expert to get your questions answered.

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