Introducing Deel Engage: Your All-in-One Place for Talent Development

Deel Engage delivers highly customizable performance management, AI-powered career progression frameworks, and an intuitive Learning Management System (LMS).

Deel Team
Written by Deel Team
May 21, 2024

The problem with talent management 

Employees today demand transparent development opportunities (i.e., a path forward). A lack of career development is the most common reason people quit their jobs (McKinsey). And driving performance is one of HR teams’ key priorities while navigating economic uncertainty.

But Global HR teams are often busy, juggling various tasks, from managing payroll to hiring abroad, across dozens of tools. As the company grows, so does the need for more sophisticated processes. Leadership pushes for performance reviews, and employees demand development opportunities. 

As HR teams only introduce initiatives one by one, they're often tackled in isolation. The result is performance reviews that don’t lead to action, training budgets spent without direction, and career frameworks forgotten within weeks. 

From an admin perspective, this means juggling multiple spreadsheets, tools, and meeting notes while spending more money than necessary on disparate systems.

AI-powered performance development that connects the dots

Today, we’re launching Deel Engage for all Deel customers: An all-in-one talent development suite that connects the dots between career development, performance, and learning—powered by embedded AI technology that saves busy people teams hours every step of the way.

With Deel Engage, you can create a single source of truth for your team’s company-wide goals, configure custom performance review cycles in minutes, and retain top talent with a culture of learning and development. 

Deel Engage connects to Deel HR, our global HRIS, so you can manage payroll, HR, and equity and drive performance for your entire global team on one platform. In just a few clicks, you can:

  • Adjust payroll based on the results of your performance reviews.
  • Add learning journeys to your onboarding workflows.
  • Assign courses and reviews based on location, worker type, custom fields, or many other criteria.

Plus, you can integrate with other HR systems like BambooHR, Personio and Workday with our custom integrations.

Career Development: Clarifying role expectations and the path to progression

Career Development lets you define career paths for all teams and roles—individual contributors and leaders—and define them with detailed competencies. This way, employees better understand success and priorities in their roles and receive a motivating roadmap for their development.

Career Development-4

These frameworks can regularly turn into huge projects, spanning several months, as people managers are too busy to spend hours diving into detailed role descriptions. That’s where our AI can help. In just a few clicks, you can get a first draft of your complete career framework, including detailed descriptions and leveled competencies.

Performance: Identify skills gaps and drive success with goals and feedback reviews

Continuous performance improvement is all about rewarding high performers, understanding challenges, and identifying areas for growth. 


With Goals on Deel, you can align your whole company on OKRs with transparent targets. In just a few clicks, you can define goals for individuals, teams, or the whole company in regular cycles and tie this automatically to performance reviews. Keep your entire organization accountable and track progress in real-time with a single source of truth to review goals by team, status, and individuals.

Performance — Goals-3


Every company has its own take on performance. For that reason, we built our reviews to be 100% customizable—no mandatory questions, no forced transparency settings, and no need to run reviews simultaneously for everyone. Manage 360° feedback in one place,  the way you want. 

Performance — Reviews-3

Deel Engage takes things a step further by connecting career frameworks, goals and and performance together, ensuring reviewers always have the full context of targets and expectations when giving feedback.

Performance reviews at a glance:

  • Fair reviews thanks to 360° feedback, highly customizable transparency settings, and the option to calibrate your results.
  • Relevant and contextual information in the form of individual goals or competencies (provided during the reviews).
  • Advanced analytics, such as 9-box, heatmaps, and more, allow you to quickly uncover skill gaps in individuals or whole teams.
  • Optional automated assignments to trigger review cycles based on employee lifecycle events like starting date.

Learning: Create, uncover, and assign effective courses

Learning is the next logical step after defining core desired competencies (Career Development) and uncovering opportunities (Performance) for growth. It’s the process of closing skill gaps and developing talent strategically.

However, learning it’s often tricky to track and assign relevant courses and tie this back to performance in a seamless way, and finding reliable training is time-consuming. Here’s where our Learning Management System shines:

It’s your modern, easy-to-use LMS with all the features you would expect and more.

  • Build any course faster with AI—traditional formats or microlearning.
  • Enroll learners automatically thanks to advanced criteria (e.g., completely automate compliance training).
  • Track progress at all times with pre-built dashboards.

Coming soon: Browse a library of courses from proven providers to find the right course for everyone.


Always included: Engage Plugins for Slack

Reduce context-switching and supercharge connections with seamless Slack HR plugins, including PTO, Kudos, Referrals, Org Charts, and more.

Slack Plugins-3

Curious how it works? Request a live demo today

This blog post just scratches the surface of how Deel Engage can help you connect the dots and take your talent strategy to new heights.

If you’d like a tour of the platform and get your questions answered, request a 30-minute demo with our experts here.

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