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Meet the Integrations: November 2023

Connect your teams with two new all-star integrations to succeed this holiday season!

Jeet Gauswami
Written by Jeet Gauswami
December 7, 2023
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This November, we're excited to introduce two new powerhouse integrations—Fountain and Guusto. Automate critical hiring and employee recognition workflows to help your distributed teams thrive.

1. Fountain

Fountain redefines high-volume hiring by delivering personalized solutions that scale through automation and AI technology. It makes more informed hiring decisions with data insights that will increase efficiency, saving you money and resources. 

What can it do?

Fountain saves recruitment time while decreasing your time-to-hire with automated applicant workflows powered by Fountain’s AI. The all-in-one platform enables companies to find qualified candidates and move them from application to onboarding. It reduces hiring time and makes high-volume hiring faster, frictionless, and flexible for your business needs.

2. Guusto

Showing employee appreciation should be easy, whether your staff is scattered across sites or at HQ. Guusto’s recognition platform makes boosting morale and engaging your distributed workforce simple and affordable.

What can it do?

Automatically sync employee information like names, email addresses, job titles, and more. Manage user accounts with ease by seamlessly adding employee recognition to Deel. You can also streamline milestones like anniversaries and birthdays so everyone gets a celebration. Plus, generate recognition-based reports and insights so no praise goes unnoticed. Deel HR and Guusto are linked so that any updates made in one platform reflect in the other.


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