What's the Deel: September 2021

September's been a big month, and we're excited to share a bunch of new exciting updates to make your work life even more manageable.

Anja Simic
Written by Anja Simic
October 1, 2021

Someone wake up Green Day! September's about to end, and we've got a handful of exciting new updates to share.

We've got you covered with new integrations, updates to existing ones, contract termination, and even a way to manage employee time-off. All here to make your work life even more manageable.


A better experience for all, with contract termination

Now, if you have an employee leaving your company, you can handle the entire flow right from Deel. It's a smooth transition for both parties involved. Customize severance pay, holidays, and even thank them for a job well done with a few clicks, all while staying compliant with local labor laws.


Mass sync employee details with BambooHR

We've made some updates to our existing integration. Now it's easier than ever to mass sync employee documents and job details with BambooHR. We've also made some improvements to error logging, so if something's not syncing, you'll know right away.


Welcome to the integration family, Ashby!

Handing off candidates to HR requires manual work, is time-consuming, and leaves room for potential errors or missed candidates. Our newest integration lets you sync candidates directly from Ashby to Deel, so you can cut down on time and missed candidates.


More flexible EOR contracts

Our EOR workflow is sunnier than ever. You can now add variable compensation to contracts, as well as job title and seniority. You'll also see details on country-specific labor requirements, like minimum vacation days, minimum salary, or maximum probation period length.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless. Ready to get started?






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