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Deel Team
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October 25, 2022

We're excited to announce an easier way for companies to give their new hires access to on-demand workspaces.

Deel’s on a mission to simplify every aspect of building a global team––from local contracts and speedy background checks to issuing equipment. Our partnership with WeWork is another step towards making global work simple and accessible.

Hybrid workspace is here to stay

As global hiring skyrockets, distributed teams without satellite offices are more and more common, but many workers  still desire a place to collaborate with teammates.

Data from WeWork shows that in the second quarter of 2022, demand for its All Access memberships grew 13%.

Offering flexible working arrangements has become a major factor in attracting and retaining talent for organizations of all sizes with flex workspaces gaining the fastest-growing priority among candidates. To remain competitive, HR leaders need their talent acquisition strategies to evolve with candidate preferences.


Effortlessly tap into on-demand workspaces without the extra HR admin

We’re partnering with WeWork to seamlessly incorporate flex workspaces into Deel’s onboarding workflow. In just a few clicks, Deel clients can request a WeWork All Access monthly membership for a new hire during contract creation. We’ll manage all things workspace related—from automating access to solving issues that may arise. Now, there’s no need to manage yet another vendor or HR workflow when you add WeWork access through Deel.


Stay competitive attracting global talent

Give remote hires a consistent working environment to focus and collaborate in over 700 locations across 38 countries.

With WeWork All Access, your hires can take a break from working at home with access to hot desks, phone booths, and comfortable lounges in over 700 locations across 38 countries

All of this, with access to high quality business essentials like high-speed internet, business-class printers, conferencing A/V tools, and so much more.

How to get started?

  1. You can add Global WeWork Access for contractors and employees. Create a new contract and request a coworking space in the Extra section. You can also add a coworking space to an existing contract - just choose a contract and navigate to the "Coworking" tab to add a workspace for your existing hire. 

  2. On your hire’s start date, we’ll start coworking request process

  3. Your new hire will receive an email from WeWork, inviting them to download the WeWork app and pick the location that you want to work at.

  4. They will be invited to visit the selected WeWork to pick up their physical access card.

  5. All set! They can reserve a workspace directly in the app to gain access.

Our partnership with WeWork is another exciting step toward becoming an all-in-one platform for everything remote work. From speedy background checks to issuing equipment to now offering flexible workspace worldwide – Deel’s got you covered.

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