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LawVu rapidly expanded into new markets with Deel

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The all-in-one workspace for in-house legal teams

Headquartered in Tauranga, New Zealand, LawVu has created a cloud-based system for organizing in-house legal teams. Research shows that 61% of in-house legal teams spend over an hour a day moving between systems to get a full view of their work. So, LawVu made it their mission to help legal professionals stop bouncing from system to system and do their best work all in one place. 

In-house legal teams tend to be relatively underserved when it comes to advanced tech-based business solutions. LawVu’s platform empowers legal teams to operate more effectively and provides them with a better overview and control of their work. 

Landing top talent to hit growth goals

LawVu is a hyper-growth SaaS company with the capital and international customer opportunities to create a significant global business; all they needed was the talent to make it happen. Partnering with Deel empowered LawVu to rapidly expand into new international markets compliantly, creating a positive experience for new talent working remotely. 

“The limitations of hiring globally and inefficiency of the process were a real pain point until we started using Deel,” says Karly Boast, VP of People at LawVu. “A big part of our strategy is attracting and hiring talent in what is a scarce market for software developers. Being in a different location from potential hires and not having a local entity doesn't limit us anymore, which is paramount for our growth plans. We can now rely on Deel’s platform, knowing this will be taken care of,” said Boast. 

Managing global teams with Deel

LawVu uses Deel to manage its global team outside of New Zealand, including in Australia and the United States. The platform handles everything from employment contracts and payments to acting as the Employee Of Record. 

“We love the fact that we have fewer restrictions on attracting and hiring top talent. Deel enables us to engage and hire globally with no hassle,” said Boast. “Deel takes away the pain of administration, time, and uncertainty as we scale, giving that time back to our people and finance teams, which saves us money too.”

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