Prepare for an evening devoted to HR excellence,
as we officially extend to you an invitation to the exclusive CHRO Dinner hosted by Deel. 

This gathering goes beyond the conventional networking event; it presents a unique occasion for HR professionals like yourself to relax, engage in enriching dialogue, and establish meaningful connections in a select setting. Envision an evening filled with robust discussions, shared laughter, and potentially a few surprises along the way.

Join us for a culinary delight, discreet networking, and a wealth of HR insights at Studio M, Roslagsgatan 36. Amid an ambiance of unity, it's the perfect moment to foster significant relationships over a glass.

Spaces for this distinguished soirée are limited. RSVP today to ensure your participation in an unforgettable gathering of HR leadership.
We look forward to welcoming you!


Daniel Eisenberg

Head of Expansion, Nordics at Deel, the all-in-one HR and payroll platform that helps companies simplify every aspect of managing an international workforce, from culture and onboarding, to local payroll and compliance. Prior to joining Deel, Daniel worked with and for a range of start-ups and scale-ups, giving him firsthand experience with the challenges of managing compliant international hiring from both an employee and employer perspective.

Max Ek

Account Executive for the Nordics at Deel; Max partners with the largest Nordic organisations to overcome the complex challenges of managing a global workforce. Prior to joining Deel, Max worked at LinkedIn, where he helped businesses transform businesses talent attraction and learning strategies.

Kent Hammarsten

Chef & Sommelier and Founder of Studio Nian with over two decades of culinary expertise, will be our guide this evening. Since 1996, he has excelled as both a chef and pastry chef, earning accolades in cooking competitions and working at esteemed Guide Michelin establishments.Kent's achievements include winning the gold medal in the Junior World Championship in Sommelier and receiving prestigious titles like "Champagne Krug Lover" and adoubé chevalier de la Commanderie de Bordeaux.

Per Lange

Per Lange stands out as one of the most booked speakers on motivation in Scandinavia, having personally trained over 50,000 co-workers and lectured to hundreds of thousands internationally. Per is also the founder of Cillers. At the dinner, he is here to introduce the latest science of motivation, known as the Growth Mindset, a concept grounded in 30 years of research from Stanford University.

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