CTO Networking Luncheon Wednesday march 20, CET 11.30-13.00 of Epic Proportions!

We are delighted to invite you to our networking lunch at Proxify's Stockholm HQ for CTOs.

Prepare for a fascinating exploration of modern hiring strategies, highlighted by lessons from real-world scenarios.

The theme of the lunch: How to tap into the international top developer talent pool.

During an amazing lunch we’ll discuss 4 keys to successfully hiring top developers internationally.
• Finding and filtering out the top developers internationally.
• Administrating your developers in many different counties.
• Managing an internationally distributed team of top talents.
• Inspiring developers to join your team by building your system on the world’s best software technologies.

Join Us for a Fun and Inspiring Lunch:
Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn, engage, and network with other CTOs. Uncover practical strategies for identifying and recruiting top-tier developers from around the world, leveraging the vast experience of our panelists.

Free of charge!
Limited number of attendees. Our networking lunches tend to fill up quickly, so sign up now.
This event is about sharing knowledge, sparking inspiration and fostering a supportive environment for all.


Daniel Eisenberg

Head of Expansion, Nordics

Viktor Jarnheimer

Founder CEO, Proxify

Peder Lindman

Founder, Cillers



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