Hire employees worldwide with our endless EOR entities

Dive into global markets, scale fast, and provide a world-class experience for your international dream-team.

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Used by teams large and small with 20,000+ businesses across the globe (and counting)

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The best global hiring platform on the market, period.

From establishing our entities to running payroll, we handle everything in-house to provide transparent pricing, consistent quality service, and manage more on-platform.

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Hire in the most countries. We own more than 100 local entities.

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No other platform owns as many entities as we do. Some even rely entirely on third-party providers.

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Super fast onboarding in 2-3 days

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2-3 week onboarding time

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15+ payment options to pay your team

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Most other platforms only offer bank transfers or debit cards

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Make contract changes quickly with easy on-platform amendments

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With other platforms you have to request amendments via email

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More than 15 integrations with your favorite HR platforms to reduce manual tasks

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Limited integrations available

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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Most others don’t offer this level of support

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24/7 in-app support

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Most others have email-only support with a 24 hour turnaround

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The reasons to choose Deel for your EOR are clear

Our guaranteed top-tier service and industry-leading worldwide coverage provide peace of mind for any global team. With Deel’s next-level automation and in-house infrastructure, quality always comes first for our customers.

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First response time with 24/7 in-app support


In-house tax, payroll and legal specialists


Deel-owned entities worldwide to hire and pay anywhere


Saved by customers monthly automating HR admin


Flexible payment methods to pay your team


Of entity set up costs saved per country