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Tiqets, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a platform that instantly connects travelers with everything from mobile tickets to top museums and attractions worldwide. As a heavily international company with a diverse team, it encountered significant misclassification and compliance challenges when hiring talent in regions without established entities. Focused on not letting this obstacle stop its growth plans, the team embarked on a quest for a solution. Among the various providers it explored, Deel offered everything Tiqets was looking for with its comprehensive yet user-friendly platform.

A solução e os resultados

Hassle-free and compliant international hiring

Deel Contractor Management and Deel Shield addressed Tiqets' need to hire team members in countries without established entities and fulfilled other important needs. Tiqets found peace of mind leveraging Deel Shield from the suite of international hiring products and eliminating misclassification risks in these hiring countries. Maartje Koopman, Head of People and Culture, mentioned, "Getting that additional safety in those countries was crucial for us, as we lacked expertise in local labor laws, and Deel was able to offer us that."

Beyond the time saved in hiring international team members, Tiqets experienced significant cost savings, avoiding entity setup fees totaling over $60,000. In the first month, it successfully onboarded four team members from various countries simply and, most importantly, compliantly. The Tiqets team also expressed satisfaction with the platform, highlighting the Deel team’s exceptional customer support, attentiveness, and expertise.

If it weren’t for Deel Shield, we would have not been able to hire team members with the security and compliance level we wanted, in those countries.

Maartje Koopman ,

Head of People and Culture at Tiqets

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