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What's included

Key takeaways

  1. Digital nomads represent a crucial and expanding segment of the global workforce due to their ability to harness technology for remote work, thus promoting flexibility, innovation, and a broader talent pool for businesses worldwide.
  2. Companies must learn to effectively support and deploy digital nomads through comprehensive policies and visa assistance to leverage their unique skills, ensure legal compliance, and harness the benefits of a global, flexible workforce.
  3. Deel has developed a free, custom digital nomad policy template, reviewed by legal and compliance experts, helping companies to tailor and implement a strategic framework for managing and supporting a digital nomad workforce efficiently and compliantly.

Who will benefit from this policy template?

Companies of all sizes, particularly those aiming to tap into the vast potential of a digital nomad workforce, would greatly benefit from this type of policy. This includes start-ups seeking to attract top talent with the promise of flexibility, mid-sized enterprises looking to scale and innovate by accessing a global talent pool, and large corporations aiming to enhance their agility and competitiveness in the digital era.

By adopting a comprehensive digital nomad policy, companies can ensure they are not only attracting but also effectively managing and supporting remote workers, thereby minimizing legal and operational risks and fostering a culture of inclusivity and flexibility.

Policy overview

This free digital nomad policy template serves as a legal document that outlines your organization’s approach to managing and supporting digital nomads. The policy covers the following sections: 

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Maximum travel durations to avoid tax implications
  • Procedures for requesting location changes
  • Procedures for obtaining digital nomad visas, work permits, and work visas
  • Policy impact on other policies, compensation, and employee benefits and perks
  • Remote working best practices
  • Equipment management best practices

To ensure the policy is relevant and tailored to your team’s unique approach to remote work and your digital nomad scheme, we’ve included placeholder text and suggestions throughout the document that you can edit as needed.

By including this policy in your remote team members’ onboarding process and making it accessible within your worker handbook, you can ensure that your workforce is aware of the policy details and understands the expectations for working as a digital nomad within your organization.


Who are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are individuals who leverage technology to work and travel, often as remote employees or contractors from various locations around the globe. 

The digital nomad lifestyle allows these workers to complete their professional tasks without being tied to a single physical office. By utilizing digital tools and platforms, they can collaborate with teams, manage projects, and deliver work from wherever they choose, be it a cozy café in Paris, a beachside bungalow in Bali, or a bustling coworking space in New York City. 

This freedom to work from anywhere empowers digital nomads to design their work-life balance in a way that suits their personal preferences and lifestyle aspirations.

Is a digital nomad policy the same as a remote work policy?

A digital nomad policy is not the same as a standard remote work policy, although both involve remote work arrangements. While a remote work policy typically outlines the parameters for flexible work from home or any designated location, a digital nomad policy specifically caters to location-independent lifestyles, allowing workers to operate from various global locations. 

A remote work policy template focuses on general guidelines for working outside the office, including expectations for availability and communication. In contrast, a digital nomad policy extends these guidelines to encompass the broader logistical and legal challenges of working from multiple countries, thus offering a more comprehensive framework for truly global and flexible work arrangements.

Does this policy ensure compliance with local laws and regulations?

Yes. This policy is designed to help your company and your digital nomad workforce comply with local laws and regulations to prevent permanent establishment risk, corporate taxes, and non-compliance with immigration and employment laws globally. 

What are remote work best practices?

Deel’s digital nomad policy incorporates remote work best practices to ensure that employees have the most productive and efficient work environment possible, no matter where they choose to work be it a home office in hawaii or beach bar in Brazil. The policy emphasizes the importance of a conducive working space, stable wifi or internet connection, and good cybersecurity habits. 


⚠️ Disclaimer: The content in this document is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Consult with legal counsel and check compliance with local labor laws before sharing your policy with your team.