A Founder’s Guide to Building and Scaling a Global, Remote-First Company

This global growth playbook outlines the steps, considerations, and resources required to build a remote-first team.

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In this guide:

Build a future-fit company without the guesswork

“Remote-first” and “globally dispersed” aren’t simply buzzwords—they’re the future of work and an increasingly common approach to building a resilient company.

Today, founders can easily access the tools and platforms they need to successfully hire international talent, pay a global workforce, and manage everyone effectively. But the path from ideation to implementation is difficult for founders to navigate, especially if they’re used to leading traditional, domestic teams.

This guide explains what it takes to build a successful global, remote-first team by walking you through each phase of the process, including:

  • Choosing who and where to hire
  • Determining fair and competitive compensation
  • Paying yourself and your team
  • Scaling in compliance with global laws
  • Cultivating a positive remote workplace culture

The benefits of a global, remote-first team are clear. The process of building one should be too. Get your guide today and start growing your team with confidence.