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About this course

The EOR Onboarding course

Having trouble setting up your Deel account? Ditch the support articles! Master Deel's EOR model with our expert-led course. Create and fund accounts, secure quotes, onboard flawlessly—build it in less than a day. 

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Skills you’ll gain: International workforce management | HR strategy | Employment law knowledge | Product insights

The power of EOR

Ready to unlock a world of top talent without the hassle of foreign entities? This comprehensive course is your key to mastering Deel's EOR employee model. An employer of record allows companies to hire full-time employees abroad without setting up their own legal entity in the new country, which usually takes months and requires a lot of money. Hiring through an EOR is cost-effective and removes the regulatory obstacles in the process of international employment. Don’t spend hours waiting or looking up how to set up your account. Do it at your own pace with our engaging content. 

Take a country like France. If you establish an entity there, the people you hire—you’re going to have to pay pensions to them for the rest of their lives. It’s a huge liability. EOR is a great opportunity to test out new markets and make sure it works before you do invest and actually establish an entity.

Steve Hoffman, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager, Deel

Specifically designed for Deel clients, this onboarding course empowers you to:

  • Become an EOR pro on your schedule: Master the ins and outs of Deel's model, navigate compliance with ease, and unlock the full potential of global hiring at your own pace.
  • Effortlessly manage your Deel accounts: Learn how to create and fund your accounts, secure competitive employment quotes, and streamline onboarding for every new EOR employee.
  • Save time and resources: Focus on what matters most: growing your business. Learn how to optimize Deel to automate and streamline your workflows. Clients have saved hundreds of hours each month by mastering the Deel product.

Course curriculum

This online course provides Deel EOR users with foundational training and onboarding.

Getting started with Deel EOR

  • How deposits work and cost
  • Factors that increase deposit amounts
  • How do deposit refunds work?
  • The termination process for EOR employees
  • How does the 13/14th salary work at Deel?

Creating your first EOR contract

  • Getting started with EOR contract creation
  • Create an Employer of Record (EOR) contract
  • Submit your EOR contract to Deel
  • Your employees begin the onboarding process

Managing and paying your employees

  • Managing the onboarding experience for your EOR workers
  • Leveraging Deel for your EOR workers
  • Review payroll cut-off dates
  • Understanding adjustments
  • Making adjustments on the platform
  • Editing an existing payment adjustment
  • Reviewing and approving invoice adjustment requests
  • Approving time off requests


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