A Guide to Global Hiring Process

Global hiring is on the rise. Stay in the know with a free guide to hiring an international workforce.

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In this hiring guide

Companies that grow and scale rapidly outgrow processes. Deel has created a global hiring process guide that will help your organization prevent and address the complexities of efficient global hiring by building efficient and scalable processes.

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Download the Global Hiring Process Guide for free and customize it to fit your needs.

The guide covers the following:

  • Needs assessment and headcount planning
    • What is headcount planning
    • Why needs assessment and headcount planning are important
    • Who should be involved
  • Intake planning and document
    • What are they, and what is their purpose
    • Necessary fields in the intake document
    • Tips for your intake phase
  • Creating a position
  • The interview process
    • Pre-screeningI
    • Interview(s)
    • Home task/assessment
    • Offer

How to use this guide

Follow this guide in its entirety, or select the steps that fit your needs. You are free to change and adapt it as best works for you.