Guide to Global Payroll

Learn about global payroll management options to identify the best way to handle international payments and benefits to ensure a happy distributed team.

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This guide will cover:

Managing payroll functions for a range of different countries is complex.

Local tax regulations, compliance with local employment laws, data management and security are just a few of the challenges you’ll face. Multiply them by the number of countries you hire from and you get a time-consuming task on your plate where any mistakes might have hefty financial penalties.

We’ve created this guide to provide you with a detailed overview of global payroll options: hiring an in-house team, working with vendors for more complex countries only, or outsourcing the whole process to a global payroll provider. You’ll learn about the advantages of each option and get valuable tips to help you make the first steps.

If you opt to outsource to a global payroll provider, our checklist for choosing the best one will come in handy.

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