Europe Hiring Guide

With Deel, your business can easily hire employees in Europe. No more worrying about local laws, complex tax systems, or managing international payroll. Deel takes care of everything in 150+ countries.

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Usually, to hire in most countries of Europe, your business needs an entity.

That means a local office, an address registered as a subsidiary, and an account with a local bank. All of this, plus navigating regional benefits, payroll, tax, and HR laws, can take months.

Europe also treats contractors differently than full-time employees, so misclassifying a contractor could lead to fines. Deel lets you hire employees in most countries of Europe quickly, easily, and compliantly. We even automate tax document collection, payroll, benefits, and more.

With Deel, you can:

  • Hire abroad in days, not months, without worrying about opening an entity.
  • Stay compliant in over 150 markets with our contracts, document collection, and access to local legal experts.
  • Provide an excellent team experience with one powerful platform to manage pay, time off, and onboarding.
  • Handle local benefits for each country in a snap.
  • Rest assured your team’s paid on time every payday with taxes and fees taken care of.

Request a demo today if you are ready to put Deel to work for your international team.  A Deel team member will reach out to learn how we can help your global business grow.