Hiring Top Tech Talent Guide

Learn how to streamline your developer recruitment process with tested practices and expert tips from OfferZen and Deel.

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Talented developers are in higher demand than ever: our 2022 State of Global Hiring Report shows engineers are the most common position to hire internationally. Recruiting tech talent for your team isn’t easy: finding the right candidates takes time, and winning them over is an even bigger challenge, especially when we’re facing tech talent shortage all around the globe.

No matter your industry, quality tech professionals are essential for multiple aspects of your business. But:

  • Where do you start your search?
  • How do you grab the attention of job seekers in a sea of job posts?
  • What kind of recruiting process brings out the best in your tech candidates?
  • How do you provide a positive candidate experience?

This guide answers all those questions and more.

What’s special about this guide?

This guide is a unique collaboration between OfferZen and Deel, two companies going out of their way to help talented individuals and top employers all over the world find each other. 

  • OfferZen is an online developer job marketplace in South Africa and the Netherlands that helps tech companies hire from a community of over 100 000 developers

  • Deel makes it possible for companies worldwide to hire anyone anywhere fast and easy and run global payroll in a streamlined and compliant manner in over 150 countries