Recruitment Email Template Package

Improve your recruitment email quality and reduce your management time with the recruitment email templates package by Deel.

Download the Templates

Efficient recruiting processes will save your company time and money, so you can focus on what matters; finding the best candidates. Deel has created a series of free recruitment email templates, so your recruiters can focus more on the human aspects of the recruitment process.

This download will:

  • Provide you with an email template for each step in the recruitment process, from first contact to job offer or rejection
  • Give a positive and human tone to your communications rather than a generic copy/paste
  • Give your recruiters a framework they can quickly adapt to your organization’s specific needs.

This template is part of our Recruiting Tools Collection, which aims to support growing teams with modern and approachable templates to make hiring easy and more efficient. 

Use this template for free

Download the Recruiting Email Templates package for free and customize it to fit your needs.

The package includes the following:

  • Application email confirmation
  • Application rejection email
  • Interview scheduling email
  • Post interview email
  • Post-interview rejection email
  • Assignment and next steps email
  • Reschedule interview email
  • Interview feedback
  • Job offer email
  • Candidate experience email

How to use this template

This template is a customizable document. You’ll see placeholder text and prompts to guide you in crafting the perfect recruitment email for any situation.