Effortlessly tap into on-demand workspaces without the extra HR admin

Offering flexible working arrangements has become a major factor in attracting and retaining talent for organizations of all sizes. Keep your team's productivity up (and make them happy too) with the option to work anywhere and access hot desks, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, and networking opportunities.

How does Deel Workspace work?

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1. Streamline onboarding with an all-in-one platform

Cut down hours of vendor management by simply adding a “Workspace” when creating a contract on Deel. Plus, it's added to your monthly invoice, so you have one less bill to pay.


2. Leave all of the office admin to Deel

We’ll take care of the admin for issuing new hire passes and manage any workspace issues that arise. 

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3. Keep attracting global talent with consistent and competitive offerings

Give remote hires the option to choose their preferred working environment, with over 700 locations across 38 countries.

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