Join other companies in the E-Sports industry levelling up their global workforce

Get ahead of the competition, and support players, leagues, and competitions across the globe. Deel is helping companies dominate the game by helping them scale their teams internationally, and easily recruit the best talent around the world.

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Compliance around the world

Contratos precisos e localizados em 150 países diferentes: a Deel garante a conformidade mais rigorosa, não importa onde você esteja.


Best in class payment experience

An ummatched payment experience, Deel simplifies payroll for businesses and teams, and provides the flexibility to pay team members in their local currency.


Support for all types of contracts

A seamless experience for both contractors, and full time employees. Flexible contracts options to support pay as you go, fixed invoices, and more.


Lock in the top players around the world

The world of Esports is booming, and teams need to act quick in order to secure the top players in the industry. Deel is here to help you beat out the competition, and lock in those top performers with a platform that empowers you to hire fast, anywhere in the world. All in a compliant way.

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Market to global audiences

Dominating leagues and competitions is step one, step two is making sure the world knows about it. Onboard marketing and content teams wherever you need to, so you can have on the ground presence wherever the game takes you. Document every moment, and keep up with your global content needs, easily.

Elevate the remote working experience

Deel makes the hiring and onboarding experience a breeze for everyone, helping you start off on the right foot with your new team members. Once they’re on board, provide your team members a great remote working experience with the best partner perks across the globe, from communications tools, to co-working spaces, food delivery services, and more.

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A Deel facilita o crescimento de equipes remotas e internacionais. Pronto para começar?






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