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Desde Alemania hasta Chile, te damos más información sobre las mejores prácticas para contratar miembros de equipos remotos y cómo Deel te ayuda a hacerlo más fácil.

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En Deel tenemos 50 entidades propias (100 a finales de año) en todo el mundo para facilitar la contratación de empleados. En los países en los que aún no poseemos una entidad, trabajamos con los mejores socios, con muchos años de experiencia, para asegurarnos de que puedas contratar donde lo necesites. A continuación puedes consultar en qué países tenemos socios, entidades y apoyo.

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5 Stars

Deel is the best!!

“Deel is an amazing platform! It's super intuitive and user friendly, plus it runs suuuuper smoothly!! It has great options for paying and withdrawing money, plus it helps you keep super organized with your spending. They also have great support and are super friendly with all the questions you might have :D I would definitely recommend it!!”

Manuela Echeverry
nov 20, 2020
5 Stars

A contracting life-changer!

"This has by far the singular tool that made my contracting work amazing. It used to be that contract management and payouts was a nightmare — Deel makes everything so easy especially with its Transferwise integration. Everyone gets paid on time and kept happy. I also contacted their support a couple of times for some small questions and they’ve been nothing short of amazing. If you’re a contractor or someone who hires contractors then definitely give Deel a go."

Kix Panganiban
dic 3, 2020
5 Stars

Great service offering!!

"The Deel platform has been super effective for my team and I and has enabled us to bring on workers globally. The platform allows us to onboard individuals seamlessly and with no issues at all. Highly recommend."

Michael US
oct 28, 2020
5 Stars

Terrific service

"Great service, amazing customer care, terrific platform, both for the company and for the contractors/employees. Saving everyone's time and money"

Nunzio Martinello
dic 15, 2020
5 Stars

Deel is a game-changer for distributed teams

"Deel has been instrumental in helping us both open and operate our EU operations. It's super simple to set up and implement and the support team has been world-class. I can't recommend them enough!"

Jeremie Habib
nov 16, 2020
5 Stars

Great app with great customer service

"Great app with great customer service, with great attention to details and legal requirements. Looking forward to keep using it!"

Felipe Marote
ene 29, 2021