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The Problem

Overcoming outdated contractor onboarding

Y-Combinator-backed Awesomic connects top-notch freelance designers with global companies. Before Deel, they were manually onboarding global contractors – a process that was difficult and inefficient.

The Solution

Automated, engaging onboarding

Awesomic partnered with Deel Engage to implement an automated, interactive onboarding process tailored to their needs:

  • Automatic assignment after signing: Contractors are hired via PandaDoc, triggering an automatic invite to Deel and their onboarding journey.
  • Structured learning journeys: Contractors receive general onboarding workflows and smaller topic-specific journeys.
  • Engaging content: All journeys contain original images with Awesomic’s unique look and feel.
  • Onboarding buddy program: New hires are matched with buddies who guide them through the onboarding process with just-in-time information and support.

“Our onboarding needs to be short, well-structured, and interactive. Deel Engage helps us achieve this by automating the process and making it engaging.” —Helen Horilenko, Onboarding and Training Lead, Awesomic.

The results

Creating onboarding experiences that both HR and employees love

Deel Engage transformed Awesomic’s onboarding process:

  • High completion rates: The 95.5% onboarding completion rate leads to faster time-to-productivity and happier customers.
  • Positive user feedback: New hires described the onboarding as easy, informative, and well-structured.
  • Minimal manual work: Automation significantly reduced the manual effort required for onboarding, allowing HR to focus on more strategic tasks.

"With Deel Engage, you set up the process once, and it runs independently. This automation has been a game-changer for us."

Helen Horilenko,

Onboarding and Training Lead, Awesomic

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