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Whether you’re an HR platform looking to break into the world of international hiring or a Deel customer wanting to spend less time on hiring and payroll admin, our API can help make your ideas a reality.


For Industry PartnersOffer market-leading global hiring within your platform

Don’t build your global hiring solutions from scratch; leverage our market-leading technology so your customers can hire and pay international talent within your platform. It’s the fastest way to expand your product offering and improve customer retention.

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For Deel CustomersAutomate your talent operations, save hours of admin

Connect your company’s tech stack with Deel to automate repetitive tasks. From creating contracts automatically to syncing timesheets for payouts, control the entire employee lifecycle your way and eliminate duplicate data entry.

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Magic automated their contract creation process, saving 50 hours per month

7,600+ Contractors
50+ Hours saved
per month on
manual work
50% Reduction in HR
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Dig into our API documentation and guides covering everything from general overviews of the design and technology to details on specific endpoints.

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Hire directly from your platform

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Sync timesheets for instant payouts

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Sync employee data across platforms

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time off

Sync employee PTO data to your HRIS

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Update data in real-time with webhooks

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Automate payroll for your team

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