Enterprise-grade security and data protection

Keeping your data and your business safe is our top priority. That’s why Deel adheres to the strictest information security and risk management standards in the industry, achieved through our advanced infrastructure, comprehensive compliance certifications, and more.


We meet the top global standards for data security


SOC1 certifies that Deel’s financials and internal controls, data protection processes, and security procedures are up to the rigorous AICPA standards.


SOC2 validates that Deel's controls pertaining to security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy adhere to the Trust Services Criteria guidelines.


SOC3 is a publicly available concise summary of Deel’s adherence to key security and privacy standards without disclosing technical specifics.

ISO 27001

An ISO 27001 certification means Deel has put in place systems to manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by Deel and that these systems comply with all best practices and principles set by the international standard.


Deel is GDPR compliant—ensuring the highest level of protection for personal data.Our processes are aligned with European data protection regulations, facilitating smoother operations across borders.


We utilize AES-256 encryption on all resting data, which ensures top-tier security by encoding data with a 256-bit key—making it virtually impregnable to brute-force attacks.

Data Infrastructure that’s secure, scalable, and reliable

Unrivaled reliability, continuity, and protection

We leverage a fully AWS-hosted infrastructure, with primary operations in Ireland and a disaster recovery site in France, ensuring robustness through AWS EKS, managed services, and strict environment segregation. With security being the top priority, we utilize 24/7 SIEM SOC monitoring.

Smooth performance at any scale

Our AWS EKS-based architecture ensures scalable micro-services, employing auto-scaling for nodes and pods via aws-auto-scaler, karpenter, and HPA. High-availability databases like Aurora PostgreSQL and Redis support dynamic resource allocation for seamless scalability.

Resilient infrastructure, reliable availability

High availability is achieved through an AWS EKS cluster spanning all regional AZs, daily backups, and strategic database placement across two AZs for swift recovery. Infrastructure managed by Terraform and CI/CD practices ensures resilience and rapid resource provisioning.

Advanced, efficient data access controls

Our teams at Deel use the latest, most secure, and most efficient data and device security software and processes. We use Okta single sign-on services (SSO) for access management, Jumpcloud for managing devices, and tools like Lumos alongside role based access controls (RBAC).


A team you can trust

We take our commitment to security seriously, and prioritize it company-wide. All Deel team members are required to undergo quarterly security compliance and privacy training, and employees that interact with customer data go through supplemental security training. And customer account data is restricted on a need-to-know basis so there is no unnecessary exposure to customer information.


Trust Center

Need more details? No problem.

Our Trust Center offers in-depth insights into our security measures, policies, and certifications. Access detailed security policies, compliance certification letters, and detailed insights into our data protection practices.


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