How Data Talks accelerated global hiring with Deel EOR

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The Problem

How inefficient EOR impacted Data Talks’ operations

Data Talks is a customer data platform for the sports industry. While the team is headquartered in Sweden, their business growth required them to hire employees in key markets outside the country. They used another employer of record (EOR) solution in hopes that it would simplify the process, but it only became more complex.

The provider’s onboarding process was slow and poorly managed, and the platform wasn’t intuitive, resulting in a confusing user experience for the Data Talks team.

Hiring new team members was also more complicated than expected. Instead of being able to immediately send candidates their employment contracts, they encountered a lot of back and forth with the provider, which prolonged the hiring process by days or in some cases even weeks.

The Solution

Easy, fast, and supportive global hiring with Deel EOR

Helen Yildiz, Chief Customer Officer at Data Talks, had heard about Deel through local events, word-of-mouth recommendations, and her own research into global hiring solutions.

Deel’s quality of service and support was immediately evident, especially when it came to onboarding. The Deel team helped Data Talks migrate all of their information from one system to the other with a high degree of accuracy and care.

“Deel's customer success and onboarding teams are exceptional,” said Yildiz. “They are dedicated problem solvers, attentive, and treat smaller clients as importantly as larger ones.”

With Deel EOR, Data Talks has hired 10 employees across five new countries. Once they decide to hire a worker, they can send them a localized employment contract the same day, improving their employment compliance and reducing the hiring process from seven or more days to just one.

Data Talks’ C-suite were all instantly impressed by Deel’s simplicity. Employees also found it easier to manage their pay stubs, holidays, and other details in one place, resulting in a healthier remote work culture and more peace of mind for all.

“The real difference between Deel EOR and other providers is that Deel actually removes the headaches of hiring globally—and you can't put a price on that,”

Helen Yildiz,

Chief Customer Officer, Data Talks

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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