How Deel helped Endeavor Labs grow its team globally and compliantly

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The Company

Upgrading data and AI enablement for businesses worldwide

Endeavor Labs is a trusted partner in unlocking the power of data and AI for digital transformation. It blends technical, industry, and functional expertise, guiding organizations from project conception to successful implementation. Endeavor Labs is a compass for navigating the AI era, ensuring every business thrives and conquers in this digital landscape.

The Problem

Embracing global talent for sustainable growth

As a US-founded startup, Endeavor Labs wanted to expand its team to ensure it could meet the high-quality service demands of both its existing clients and prospects. However, finding a balance between attracting top-tier talent and staying within its budget was a challenge. The team knew that hiring global talent could benefit them and provide access to a worldwide pool of top talent with the skills they needed to achieve their goals at efficient costs.

Nathan Gould, Founder of Endeavor Labs, said, “In my previous jobs, I had collaborated a lot with nearshore and offshore teams, so I had seen the quality of top global talent and the advantages of that way of working. When we had to grow our team at Endeavor Labs, I realized I needed a partner to help me embrace global hiring while staying fully compliant.”

The Solution

An easy-to-use integrated HR platform with a world-class customer experience

Endeavor Labs started looking for a platform that could help with hiring global talent while being hassle-free and compliant. Initially, the team researched different options and chose another global hiring provider. For a couple of months, things were running smoothly. However, when the time came for this supplier to provide Endeavor Labs with the customer success they needed, things became difficult. “I had a time-sensitive onboarding issue, and their customer service channels were not working,” Gould explained. “I finally reached them and shared the problem, but 48 hours later, I still had not received an answer, so I knew it was time I changed to a vendor that could better support me.”

When Gould realized he had to change vendors, he went straight to Deel and, in a matter of minutes, managed to create an account to compliantly hire and onboard a team member. After seeing how seamless and fast the customer support responses were with Deel, he decided to move the entire global workforce to Deel.

The Results

The perfect global HR partner

With Deel, Endeavor Labs found a true partner that supports its compliant hiring and onboarding of its team members anywhere, in less than 24 hours. This allows it to scale fast and provide its customers with top-notch AI consulting services. In addition, through Deel’s platform, paying its global team is fast and easy since this process takes less than 5 minutes a month.

“As a founder, I have to use my time efficiently, and Deel helps me with this. I only have to go on the platform a couple of times a month, press a few buttons, and then all is set and done,”

Nathan Gould,

Founder at Endeavorlabs

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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