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What is Lyre’s?

From classic spirits, iconic liqueur’s, famous aperitifs and even Prosecco, Lyre’s offers one of the world’s most extensive ranges of non alcoholic drink that never compromise quality or taste. In fact, in many blind taste tests, people cannot differentiate between a cocktail made with Lyre’s and an alternative made with alcoholic spirits.

Despite only being around for three years, Lyre’s has already established a presence in 65 countries. Changing the way the world drinks means getting a bottle behind every bar and they’re currently on track for 100+ countries within the next 12 months.

There’s no “wrong” way to go about it with Lyre’s. Whether it’s mixing Lyre’s with a favorite spirit for a low alcohol beverage or sticking with the Lyre’s range and shaking up an old favorite with a non-alcoholic twist, Lyre’s encourages people to drink how they want.

With the pace of growth and a geographically spread team, delivering on the vision at such a global scale comes with its challenges.

The Problem

Finding and hiring the best talent anywhere

The skills shortage in most major markets severely limited Lyre’s ability to find enough talent. With demand increasing, Lyre’s knew they had to look beyond their borders to scale internationally and hire the best talent to fulfill a global role, no matter their location.

“While there’s certainly a talent shortage in most places, as soon as you start to think globally… the problem disappears and you can find some truly amazing talent. And I think that’s been the key message to Lyre’s success: There are enough people, [and] they might be in all the places you are probably not looking,” said co-founder Carl Hartmann.

For Lyre’s, scaling came with a few hurdles. Before starting to scale, Lyre’s needed to establish a solid distribution base for its product, quickly realizing that entities in each country were required to bring these important new team members on board. This consuming endeavor wasn’t something Lyre’s could afford with money or time.

Luckily for Lyre’s, there's Deel EOR.

The Solution

Scaling internationally with Deel

With Deel EOR as their employer of record in countries where they don’t have a direct entity, Lyre’s can now hire internationally without painstakingly setting up entities in countries across the globe and spend more time on building their business. Plus, Lyre’s can make hires compliantly, gaining peace of mind while enabling their team to work in their preferred country close to their loved ones. Take Vladimir Kostadinov Global Project Manager and resident of Sophia, Bulgaria. Lyre’s hired Vlad because not only did he fit the company culture but was also the most qualified and experienced candidate from a search that considered hundreds candidates from Australia, the UK, the EU and the USA. This hire was made possible by Lyre’s policy position of operating a fully distributed company and utilizing the power of the Compono Talent Platform.

In a case like Vlad’s, having a partnership with Deel meant there was no need for Lyre’s to set up their own entity in Bulgaria in order to hire a great resource like Vlad. Now, their Global Project Manager is able to work entirely remotely and be with his kids.

Similarly in Malaysia, Lyre’s needed a fast solution to growing sales demand. Setting up an entity and hiring a resource would have been quickly dismissed in the “too hard basket” and their growth agenda in this region would have stalled. However, Deel Contractor Management enabled Lyre’s to hire a part time contractor quickly and seamlessly with minimal cost and full compliance. Concurrently in Canada, Lyre’s were able to materialize their expansion plans by transitioning a pre-existing brokerage arrangement into a Regional Manager position, as a fully integrated member of their North American team. On top of this, Lyre’s could confidently offer their normal suite of attractive employee benefits, all administered by Deel.

"Solving the challenge of hiring in countries without entities attracted us to Deel. It's crucial—avoiding delays and losing great candidates."

Carl Hartmann,

Co- Founder at Lyre's

The Results

A non-tech company living the future of work

Lyre's focus on output instead of hours empowers the team to be productive through remote work. Success stems from their grasp on global business, ability to work across three timezones, and advocacy for employee mental health.

“When you embrace remote work giving your people the right tools and saying to them exactly what they need to achieve, you get more output at a higher quality and with potentially [fewer] hours,” said Hartmann,

Lyre’s hopes to operate in 30 to 40 additional countries by the end of 2022. And with over 100 roles to be filled, they can hire the best talent, no matter the location, all thanks to Deel.

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