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The Global Payroll Community is a space where professionals can find and share a wealth of knowledge, learn insights about the industry to fuel their work, and build connections to help navigate the constantly evolving world of global work.

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Start and engage in casual conversations about payroll topics, ask questions, and have friendly chats with members.


Benefits compensation

Discuss strategies, regulations, and trends in employee benefits and compensation packages.


Legal and compliance

Share updates and best practices for staying compliant with global payroll laws and regulations.


Technology systems 

For exploring payroll software, automation tools, and system integrations.



Discuss issues related to payroll taxes, filing requirements, and international tax treaties.


Employee experience

Share strategies on enhancing employee satisfaction through payroll accuracy and transparency.


Code of Conduct

The Global Payroll Community was created to facilitate networking and the exchange of new and innovative ideas. As such, we aim to foster a supportive environment where everyone can participate comfortably while upholding a safe, helpful, and friendly atmosphere for all members.


Be welcoming

By being warm and inviting, we encourage everyone to jump into the conversation and share their thoughts and experience. Please be patient with other members, and help out by sharing your expertise—it will make us all better community members.


Assume positive intent

Treat others kindly and assume the best. We're all here to support each other, so please lead with kindness in your interactions with others and assume that each person you’re interacting with has the Community’s best intentions in mind.


The Global Payroll Community is a space powered by Deel, meant for people in the HR and payroll industry to meet, talk about trends, get advice, and share new ideas about global payroll and more.

Absolutely—but they’ll need to apply as well. We want to make sure this space stays objective, balanced, and free of solicitation. If you’ve got a friend or colleague you think would make a great addition to our community, send them this application link.

Once your application has been approved, you’re in! If you’re viewing the community in a Desktop Browser, simply add the Global Payroll Community workspace to your Slack app by navigating to the bottom left panel, click the +, then “sign in to another workspace”. You’ll be able to add the Global Payroll Community to the left of your Slack workspace rail.

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