Cómo Project44 ahorra unos 500 000 USD al año desde que se pasó a Deel Shield

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La empresa líder que soluciona los problemas de la cadena de suministro

Project44 is a software company on a mission to make supply chains work better. Headquartered in Chicago with a global workforce spanning 25 countries, Project44 takes a global approach to multimodal connectivity to enable supply chain and logistic professionals to track inventory throughout its entire journey. Simply put, they allow businesses to see their supply’s location, ensure products and shipments stay on track, and confirm nothing gets lost or delayed. Plus, if something does get lost or delayed, the team can handle it proactively.

Gracias a Project44, las empresas pueden hacer mejores cálculos y aumentar la eficiencia al tiempo que reducen su huella medioambiental. Logran su visión de aumentar la predicción, la eficiencia, la agilidad y la resistencia de las cadenas de suministro mundiales para mejorar la vida y crear un planeta más sostenible.

El problema

Asociarse con el EOR adecuado para alcanzar sus objetivos de expansión

Project44 had used a few other EORs before Deel, and they didn’t provide them with a good experience. “It wasn’t efficient; everything seemed to live in email,” said Chloe Riesenberg, People Specialist at Project44.

Once Project44 began its expansion push, the team concluded there was a need for an EOR that better fit their needs. Riesenberg says, “We considered a lot of options, but we chose Deel EOR primarily because of the usage of the platform, and secondly because we could tell it was in hyper-growth mode, so it just seemed like a perfect fit that would be able to help us achieve our expansion goals.”

La solución

Riesgo mínimo de clasificación errónea usando Deel Shield

Project44 tenía un pequeño equipo de trabajadores independientes antes de asociarse con Deel.

Their team of contractors used to send invoices directly to the Accounts Payable team at Project44, which all had to get processed manually. It quickly added up, and the team hit a point of chaos that made it impossible to pay their workers on time. Once they realized this system was no longer scalable, they found themselves looking for one system of record to deliver and streamline everything.

Deel Contractor Management and Deel Shield stood out immediately to Project44. Since they weren’t familiar with all the laws and regulations for each country contractors worked in, they saw Deel Shield as an added plus to guarantee a more secure experience.

With Deel Shield, Project44 has been able to create a much smoother process and give team members a better overall experience with one platform for everyone. All invoices are generated automatically and paid at once, leaving less room for errors and delays.

“Deel Shield nos dio tranquilidad al contratar personas como trabajadores independientes en cualquier parte del mundo. Ya no tengo que preocuparme por el compliance. Se siente mucho más seguro”.

Chloe Riesenberg,

Especialista en personal en Project44

Los resultados

El ahorro de Project44 habla por sí mismo

Project44 has hired 129 people in 25 different countries using Deel EOR and Deel Shield. Compared to what they paid other EORs in the past, with the number of team members they now have, they’re seeing a savings of over $500,000 each year with Deel EOR.

Riesenberg dice: "Usamos Deel como el lugar al que acudir para resolver todo. Desde la contratación de miembros del equipo de forma eficiente en todo el mundo hasta la oferta de un portal al que pueden acudir para cualquier pregunta que tengan. Tenemos un Customer Success Manager dedicado cuyo apoyo ha sido siempre increíble. Nos encanta Deel".

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