A Guide to Scaling AU and NZ Startups in the US

Australian and New Zealand startups can compliantly grow their US presence overnight by following six steps.

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Scaling in the US is an attractive prospect for many Australian and New Zealand startups, providing access to a larger market, customer base, and talent pool. Historically, however, expanding in the US has been a complex, expensive, and time-consuming endeavor. With over 50 US states, each with unique laws and regulations, it’s unsurprising that 45% of new businesses fail during the first five years of operation in the US

Fortunately, the infrastructure is evolving. To take the plunge into the US arena and build a local presence, Australian and New Zealand founders no longer need to undertake the long and expensive legal process of opening a foreign subsidiary. Instead, they can compliantly grow their US presence overnight with Deel. This short guide will show you how in six steps.