Grow on a global scale as a Deel Partner

Global HR is complex and time-consuming. Deel Partners empower their clients to make global hiring more accessible than ever


Why become a Deel partner?


Create a global competitive edge

Solve complex and expensive issues for your customers by offering global hiring, compliance, payroll, and HR solutions


Keep up with today’s workforce

Help increase acquisition and retention for your customers while helping them stay up-to-date with the global evolving workforce


Unlock expert support

Deel offers partner-specific support that includes dedicated partner managers, education and training, product announcements, and access to Deel’s global sales team


A program for every business

Deel’s comprehensive partner offerings include options like referral, reseller, hybrid, perks, product integration, affiliate, and more


Enjoy robust incentives

Partner incentives can include ongoing revenue share, referral commissions, discounts, and referral business from the Deel Marketplace


Create new business opportunities

Through the Deel Marketplace, partners have the opportunity to offer their own products and services to Deel customers

How to create new business as a Deel Partner

Solution Partner

Break down global barriers 
for your customers

  • Solve complex, expensive 
problems for your customers
  • Increase acquisition and retention
  • Enjoy partnership options 
designed to fit your business

Product Partner

Connect with Deel and scale 
your business globally

  • Offer Deel’s market-leading software within your platform through the Deel API
  • Generate new leads for your business with Deel Marketplace
  • Increase retention through connected experiences

Already a Deel partner and interested in learning more?


Tap into powerful partner benefits

It's our liability, not yours

When your clients hire employees with Deel, we take on all employment liability to make sure they’re compliant with local laws.

Global scaling, in an instant

Your clients immediately gain access to grow their team in 150+ countries, the support of 200+ legal and accounting experts, and 120+ payment currencies right through Deel.

Ongoing training and education

Global HR is complex. Deel Partners can access new resources and 
on-demand support to ensure their clients have a world-class experience.

GDPR compliance

We’re compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world, so your clients can rest assured that you’re doing things the right way and everything’s secure.


Why become a part of Deel's Global Hiring Ecosystem?

Go-to-market resources

Get access to dedicated Sales Support and design tailored marketing strategies with the help of Deel experts. It’s never been easier to generate demand and convert new opportunities.

Thought leadership

Learn, share, and tap into the knowledge behind Deel’s growth. If you’re in Venture Capital, the Startup Community, or our Accelerator, it’s the perfect opportunity to connect your ecosystem with ours.

Training and certification

Improve your skills, and position yourself as an authority in the Global Hiring Ecosystem by going through our onboarding process and earning your badges.

Marketplace qualification

Deel’s ecosystem has more than 4,000 customers looking for solutions within our Marketplace. By partnering with Deel, you become eligible to be featured in our Deel App Marketplace.

Partners helping us build the marketplace for all team's HR needs

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Become a Deel partner

Ready to get started? Get in touch today to schedule a call. We can discuss all available partner options and get to know your business and client needs better.