Stay compliant and manage international payments effortlessly

Hiring international team members is a great way to grow your startup quickly and cost effectively. But navigating the maze of international laws is hard work and a lot of startups make small mistakes that lead to significant compliance issues.

Many startups struggle with the admin of payments and onboarding, as using lots of different tools like Docusign, Transferwise and Google sheets makes it easy to make errors. Doing things without a proper process in place for compliance looks bad for potential investors and payment errors can hurt your employer brand.


Get compliance right

No matter where you hire, we handle all things compliance to protect your business.

  • Create, send, and sign contracts that are compliant with local laws in 150 countries

  • Automatically collect tax documents, permits and any other required documents

  • Stay ahead of changes in local laws as our legal partners scan the regulatory landscape


Onboard team members in 5 minutes

Forget emails back-and-forth, contract admin and collecting documents. We automate onboarding so your new team members can work compliantly in minutes.

  • Create, send and sign contracts straight from your Deel dashboard

  • Issue equity and send offer letters in a couple of clicks

  • Team members can self-onboard online in a matter of minutes



Pay your whole team in minutes, not days

Forget multiple payment platforms, spreadsheets, calculating taxes and manual errors. Pay your whole team with one bulk payment.

Automate contractor invoices

Save hours of admin and automate your entire invoice process. Instantly generate invoices for every payment and seamlessly sync all your data with your favorite accounting tools.

Pay everyone with one bulk payment

Review your whole team's salaries and pay everyone in their local currency with a click. Just make one bulk payment to Deel in any of our 200 supported currencies.

Give your contractors 15 options to get paid

Provide contractors with more than 15 payment options, Crypto included. Plus, they'll save money on exchange rates and fees, and you don't even have to lift a finger.

We handle employee taxes, social contributions, and more

Leave the hardwork to us. We handle employee taxes, pensions and any other fees you need to pay the local government.

Manage expenses, bonuses, allowances and more

Approve expenses, bonuses and allowances for your team all through your dashboard and pay them through Deel via your monthly invoice.


Boost your employer brand

From onboarding and payments to benefits and perks, Deel is designed to boost your employer brand and retain your existing talent.

  • Contractors save on fees and get paid without delays with 15 payment options

  • Your team can manage payments, time off, expenses and more through their dashboard

  • Offer competitive local benefits, 24/7 around the clock support, and more


One platform to manage everything

Keeping track of contracts, compliance documents and payments is hard for growing teams. Deel has everything you need to manage your global team all in one place.

  • Give your team confidence that you have everything organised with a first-class experience

  • Keep a clean audit trail for contracts, compliance documents and payments

  • Amend contracts, generate reports and files taxes right from your dashboard 

Deel works with your favourite tools

Work smarter, save time, and decrease the amount of admin when you connect Deel with the HR and accounting software you love.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless. Ready to get started?






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