How to Hire a Remote Customer Support Specialist

Learn how to hire a diverse, affordable, and effective customer support team to help your customers and build your brand.

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Customer support is make-or-break: most people say a poor customer support experience will drive them away from a brand. The customer support specialist is the second most common role to hire from another country, according to our 2021 State of Global Hiring Report.


Why hire remote customer support agents?

A globally distributed team of customer support representatives helps you:

  • Reduce your response times
  • Ensure around-the-clock support for your customers
  • Offer support in local languages for improved customer experience
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Gain access to a broader pool of talent

Want to increase customer loyalty and retention? Building a reliable customer support team is a good first step.

Download this free guide to learn about the data-backed power of remote customer support and read about:

  • The skill set an excellent customer service rep possesses
  • How to find suitable customer support candidates online
  • A step-by-step guide to the remote hiring process
  • How to manage your new hires in the customer service team effectively