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Automate new hire screening with Deel’s background checks

Easy. Automated. Secure. Reduce your time to hire and protect your business with fast, frictionless employment background checks in 190+ countries.

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From ‘job offer’ to ‘all clear’ 
in just a few clicks

Managing the screening process through various HR platforms can be time-consuming. With Deel, background checks are integrated directly into the onboarding process. Just create a contract and add on a background check—all within Deel.

Results in 15 minutes 
Support for 190+ countries  
Built into onboarding
Stay infosec compliant

international background checks

Comprehensive screening, worldwide

Our AI-powered platform enables us to provide accurate international background checks with the shortest turnaround times—with a real-time search of over 200,000 databases in 190+ countries. Our employment screening process includes:

  • Identity verification
  • Education verification
  • Employment history
  • Criminal history

Background checks dashboard

Keep track of your results, all in one place

From contracts to compliance documents, keep an audit trail of employee details and documents in one HR system. Our integration with our background check partner Certn, ensures your results are safe and trustworthy.

  • GDPR and EEOC compliant
  • SOC2 and SOC3 compliant
  • ISO 27001 certified

Instant Results

Reduce your time to hire with results in 15 minutes

Keep your hiring process moving fast with over 95% of results returned in minutes. We’ll notify you as soon as your results are ready to review.


Mobile verification

Give candidates an experience to be proud of

Forget clunky verification processes. Team members can submit their details through a user-friendly mobile app, track results, and access instant in-app support.


We’ve helped companies around the 
world overhaul their candidate screening


“Doing background checks with Deel has always been good to us! The process is very straightforward. I can easily send a request and receive the results right away. Fast and convenient service!”

Cynthia Le

Program Manager, Reddit


“We've had a great experience onboarding our global employees through Deel. The background check integration made this process even smoother, and all steps of onboarding were completed in time.”

Remy Sharp

Jennifer Larimore

Director of HR and Recruiting


“We conduct background checks on all full-time consultants and employees of the company. Deel makes this easy as the background check is a seamless add-on during the onboarding process."

Remy Sharp

Audrey McNicholas

Head of Business Ops


“It’s clear that Deel is the best on the market. We were able to hire approximately 40 employees in the Philippines within a matter of months. Their background check process was easy and effective."

Bree Cohen

VP of Talent at Power Digital Marketing


Deel runs various types of international background checks, depending on each country's regulations and restrictions. Some countries have restrictions on certain types of checks, while others allow all types with no restrictions. Checks available include Softcheck Database Checks, ID checks, Criminal checks, National Criminal Checks, and Local Criminal Checks. Book a demo to learn more.

Deel currently provides Soft Checks and US Criminal Checks. Background checks can include various types of verifications such as criminal records checks, employment history verification, education verification, credit history checks, and more.

Soft checks, which are typically completed within 15 minutes, verify employment, address history, and educational background. Some checks include global database searches, covering areas like public media, courts, fraud, and watchlists for comprehensive risk assessment, including criminal history, affiliations, global sanctions, and public safety issues.

Yes, background checks do provide identity verification. These checks include a variety of verification methods, such as employment verification, address history, and educational background checks.

While the cost of each background check is based on specific client needs, the starting cost is $49 for a soft check.

The duration for background checks varies, but soft checks are usually completed within 15 minutes. Other checks are completed with 24 hours after the candidate's submission.

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