How DataGuard cut new hire time-to-productivity by 50% with Deel

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The Problem

Scattered knowledge across people, locations, and tools

DataGuard is a global leader in security and compliance software, helping over 4,000 organizations build scalable risk management systems and comply with industry regulations such as GDPR.

For DataGuard, international growth and a hybrid work model meant knowledge was scattered across various people, locations, and tools (SharePoint, Excel, HRIS), creating inefficiencies and frustration for new hires and long-tenured employees.

"We needed a solution to help us create a motivating and structured onboarding process—Deel Engage delivered." —Matea Ćurić, Senior People Partner, DataGuard

The Solution

Cultural, social, and professional integration for new hires

DataGuard partnered with Deel to implement an effective and motivating onboarding process focused on three key dimensions:

  • Cultural integration with company-wide onboarding journeys
  • Social integration with buddy programs fostering relationship-building
  • Professional integration with role-specific training journeys

Core skill and enablement training courses

DataGuard created an extensive training library with 195 learning resources covering soft skills like self-awareness, giving and receiving feedback, and tool training courses like ones on Asana and Figjam. Enablement training content is also delivered to key departments, such as Customer Experience. Lastly, DataGuard uses Deel Engage to streamline internal communication and deliver company and product updates.

“With Deel Engage, creating learning journeys feels very intuitive, as you can simply embed content via drag-and-drop.”—Matea Ćurić, Senior People Partner, DataGuard

"Our onboarding process on Deel Engage is efficient and engaging, with 100% consistency and satisfaction across remote and physical locations. Our new hires love it, and we cut time to productivity by 50%."

Matea Ćurić,

Senior People Partner, DataGuard

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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