How Elemental Enzymes accelerates regulatory approvals and market entry with Deel

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The Company

Making farming and agriculture safer

Elemental Enzymes was founded to change the world of agriculture by using nature to meet the needs of growers worldwide sustainably.

The Problem

Slow regulatory registration and market entry

In 2023, demand for Elemental Enzymes’ products were increasing rapidly and the global demand for sustainable Agriculture products has continued to outpace products on the market. Elemental Enzymes needed to quickly establish legal entities within their target markets to speed regulatory pathways.

Elemental Enzymes explored alternative solutions by partnering with different entity set-up and PEO providers but found the journey to be fraught with unpredictability and setbacks.

The Solution

Hassle-free entity set up with Deel

Elemental Enzymes discovered Deel through a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Thanks to Deel’s team of in-house entity experts, Elemental Enzymes established a new entity in the UK within a few weeks—a task that had previously taken another service provider six months to accomplish.

Thompson was particularly impressed with the ease of communication with Deel, saying, “Deel’s customer support surpasses others. Deel helped to resolve blockers quickly so we could progress faster.”

Compliant global hiring with Deel EOR

Elemental Enzymes also used Deel EOR to hire and pay regulatory professionals in Southeast Asia and Brazil, establishing vital business connections in those regions for product distribution.

“Our previous professional employer organization (PEO) lacked knowledge of different regions’ HR practices, responsibilities, and compliance. Through Deel AI, we have all the legal and compliance information we need for 120+ countries at our fingertips.”

The transition to Deel’s platform was both swift and seamless. “We were able to move onto the Deel platform in a very short period of time,” Thompson concluded.

Deel Entity set up enabled us to swiftly enter new markets, accelerating reaching our long-term goals.

Katie Thompson,

COO at Elemental Enzymes

The Results

Accelerated regulatory approval and swift market entry

Utilizing Deel, Elemental Enzymes transformed a process fraught with bureaucracy and complications into a swift journey toward market entry and regulatory approval.

Through Deel, Thompson anticipates Elemental Enzymes has saved thousands in setup costs, accelerated regulatory approval, and market entry by five months, and has personally regained 15% of her time that she would have otherwise spent on administrative tasks.

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