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The Company

Delivering a greener, cleaner alternative

Keego Mobility, a Taiwanese company, was born after its founders recognized ebike companies weren’t properly accommodating the delivery industry. They quickly discovered most vehicles used in the delivery industry weren’t environmentally friendly, according to Elias Ek, Co-Founder of Keego.

Keego centers itself around providing an environmentally friendly alternative for delivery companies, offering ebikes designed specifically for the industry and made to last. Their purpose-built IoT-enabled delivery ebikes and fleet management provide a complete solution for delivery companies to be green and profitable.

A little bit about the industry…

Delivery drivers tend to spend 20% of their earnings on a scooter. They can cut their expenses considerably if they switch to an e-bike.

63% of all bicycles in the world are made either in Taiwan or by Taiwanese companies.

85% of all the delivery drivers around the world (+30 million people) use gas scooters today.

The Problem

Solving the international hiring puzzle

Keego was looking to quickly hire an account executive in Berlin due to the abundance of delivery industry unicorns in the city. The decision to place their first sales hire here was strategic and pressing, "it was almost a must" says Elias Ek.

They ran into a problem though. It became clear that setting up an entity in Germany wasn't an option for Keego. Time was of the essence, and the waiting period required to set up a new entity put this option out of the question, so they began to search for other solutions.

The Solution

Coasting into key markets with Deel

While looking for an easier way to hire abroad, they chose to move forward with Deel thanks to the support and responsiveness of the teams. “Everything was super easy with Deel,” said Ek. The Keego team started using the platform immediately to pursue their vision of becoming worldwide.

They began hiring in Europe, a critical region for their target industry, and they’ve recently hired in APAC. “We are hiring based on finding the right people, not finding the right location that people happen to be in,” said Ek. So far, they’ve landed an Iranian hire who lives in Germany, a Dutch hire who lives in Stockholm, and a Swedish hire who lives in Taipei.

The Results

Rolling into future expansion

Keego has no plans to open its own entities in the mid-term, saving itself time, money, and resources. They plan to continue expanding worldwide using the flexible and cost-effective solution that Deel offers. They may even use visa solutions from Deel Immigration in the future, and they will hire in new EOR countries.

“I can’t imagine having to open up an entity in a certain city just to be able to hire someone. Deel solves a real problem, and up to now, we’ve been very happy with the service,”

Elias Ek,

Co-founder at Keego

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