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The Company

Meet Liquid X

Currently operating and employing talent from over 24 countries, LiquidX is a technology solutions provider in the Web3 space. It brings technology projects to life with supporting infrastructure such as tech, product, growth, fundraising, and tokenomics teams.

After adopting a holding company structure, LiquidX now has three subsidiaries: Pixelmon, Stealth (Anime Studio), and GVRN. Through the recently acquired Pixelmon, LiquidX launched a number of NFT projects and is building a prototype for a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

The Problem

Moving towards global talent

LiquidX initially established entities in Singapore and Malaysia. However, given the nature of the industry and the variety of skills needed, it had to look globally to hire talent for its project teams.

Because every region has different sets of talent and restrictions, managing distributed teams brings its own risks, contractual hurdles, paperwork, tax considerations, and more. LiquidX needed help with its growing company.

The Solution

A modernized platform spanning geographical boundaries

In an era defined by technological advancements and a borderless workforce, companies can face unprecedented challenges while managing their global talent pool. LiquidX overcomes these challenges with Deel.

LiquidX’s engagement with Deel Contractor Management marks a pivotal shift in its global talent acquisition strategy. With a workforce spanning 24 countries, including the UK, Brazil, Sweden, and Japan, LiquidX required a solution that transcended geographical boundaries. With a presence in 150+ countries and extensive experience, Deel streamlines the legal and financial aspects of compliantly managing remote contractors. Rilla Amrullah, Director of LiquidX’s People Operations, explains, “Deel makes contractor management a breeze by handling payments through a single entity, making the distribution process much smoother.”

Deel’s ability to process salary and contractor payments in cryptocurrency offers a modern alternative to traditional methods for LiquidX. The innovative offering facilitates swift and secure international transactions, seamlessly converting cryptocurrency to preferred currencies, backed by Deel’s advanced back-end support. The conversion reduces salary processing time from a week to one day. “This is a significant improvement from our previous process of converting cryptocurrency to fiat for paying contractors and employees in different countries,” says Amrullah. “Thanks to Deel, we save valuable time…all while keeping the whole process hassle-free.”

The Results

Revolutionizing global talent management in a niche industry

LiquidX’s partnership with Deel shows the transformative potential of strategic global hiring partnerships. Despite being registered in Singapore and Malaysia, LiquidX is still able to hire and manage skilled talent all over the world.

Deel emerged as the ideal partner, facilitating the seamless talent management of 70+ software engineers, game designers, and developers. The holistic nature of Deel Contractor Management significantly simplified payroll processes, offering flexible payroll currency and reducing salary processing time from a week to one day.

Deel Contractor Management has allowed LiquidX to seamlessly expand its team to new markets, providing services like state registration and unemployment insurance and reducing paperwork and admin time for a more strategic approach to scaling up.

Our favorite feature has to be the salary tool. When we're looking to hire someone, we are able to benchmark salary ranges with Deel. This has proven to be incredibly valuable because, in the past, we often relied on crowd-sourced data, which wasn't always accurate.

Rilla Amrullah,

Director People Operations at LiquidX

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