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The Company

An easier way to access more qualified virtual workers

Magic makes it easy for businesses to hire virtual assistants, customer service workers, and more. The YCombinator and Sequoia-backed San Francisco company keeps growing as the world of remote work expands. No sourcing, no screening, no overhead. They handle it all.

The Problem

Contract creation frustrations

Before Deel API, the Magic HR team found themselves in a dilemma regarding contracts. For every contractor hired through the Magic platform, the magic team had to manually create a contract on the Deel platform. This meant creating hundreds of contracts per week, which caused delays for customers and countless hours of operational admin. It was an unble process. Not only did it threaten the retention of their remote workers due to delays in getting hired, but it was also a compliance and customer satisfaction concern.

Magic needed a custom integration with their recruitment platform to automate the entire contract process. Luckily for them, by that time, we were already building the beta version of our API.

The Solution

Voila! Money and time saved

Thanks to the Deel, Magic creates contracts on Deel automatically as soon as their customers agree to a hire on the Magic platform. This custom integration has saved 13+ hours per week on admin, and improved Magic’s service by reducing wait times by up to two weeks for both their customers and workers. “It became a way to supplement the HR team without bringing on another person,” explained Mars Escobin, the Product Manager at Magic, “so it’s definitely a cost saver as well.”

The speed of contract availability helps assure remote contractors that Magic is a trustworthy and reliable company. The entire venture has improved the client, contractor, and company experience. Looking forward, Magic plans to use other Deel features like time tracking to help optimize other processes.

The Results

An API that works like, well, magic

When Magic reached out about Deel API, it was clear the two would work together quite well. Magic outlined their needs, laying out the requirements for their contract automation process. With their needs in mind, Deel engineers laid out a plan to get aligned.

After a few weeks, Magic was testing out an integration between Deel and their platform. It was like, well, magic. “It's been a very collaborative relationship,” says Escobin, “The experience was really fast, and the team has always been very responsive.” Now, contract creation is automatic and sent to contractors in seconds anytime there’s a worker and company match.

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