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The Company

Decentralizing the world

The Nomic Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to Ethereum and its developer ecosystem. They provide open-source engineering software to empower developers to build decentralized applications.

The Problem

Building and retaining a first-class international team

From the start, Nomic knew it had to be a remote-first organization. Given its specialized industry, finding niche talent was crucial. The team needed access to developers around the world to stay ahead of the competition while remaining lean and compliant. This presented a challenge. Hiring legal and accounting professionals in every location would be costly and time-consuming.

Additionally, Nomic wanted competitive compensation options beyond a salary to attract the desired talent. Manuel Freire, Head of Legal and Finance at the Nomic Foundation, emphasized, "As many other startups like ours do, we wanted to offer our team something similar to an equity package, which is quite appealing for the talent we seek. Being a foundation, we lack actual equity but still wanted a way to provide our team with grants that mirror the benefits of equity.”

As a result, the team began searching for a partner to compliantly hire, onboard, and pay international team members and offer additional benefits. Initially exploring other providers, Nomic discovered that other companies were quite satisfied with Deel as their HR and compliance solution. This encouraged Nomic to choose Deel as its provider.

The Solution

Expanding globally with additional benefits on a unified platform

With Deel, Nomic achieved its goal of hiring and paying international talent seamlessly and compliantly.

Despite being unable to offer traditional equity due to its foundation status, Nomic explored Deel equity management to find a tailored solution. Freire said, "Deel was super flexible and helpful; they built a special solution enabling us to offer a bespoke grant program, making our offers more attractive to successfully hire and retain the talent we needed."

Additionally, as Nomic continued to grow, it explored other Deel products that simplified many HR processes, saving them effort, time, and money:

- Deel Immigration: The Nomic Foundation identified an ideal candidate for a crucial position who was an European national residing in North America and needed sponsorship for a visa. Nomic’s Deel Customer Success Manager introduced the Immigration and Visa support product. Impressed, Nomic chose Deel for this crucial hire. Freire said, "The most important thing for us was that, through Deel Immigration, we were able to make this hire." Nomic saved both time and money in the process. Freire added, "The process was very smooth and simple. If it hadn't been for this solution, we would've ended up spending thousands of dollars and time engaging with other local providers."

- Deel HR and Deel Engage: After migrating their team to Deel’s platform, Nomic utilized Deel HR to simplify team management and automate its HR processes. Deel Engage streamlined time-off requests, syncing with Slack and Deel’s platform, providing managers with easy approval and visibility of their team’s PTO. Thanks to Deel’s solution, Nomic kept its team lean and saved $120k+ USD in HR admin processes. Freire said, “Prior to Deel HR, we were managing all this information manually through different spreadsheets. This was time-consuming and error-prone, whereas now we have everything under the same platform as a one-stop tool for everything.”

Without Deel, we couldn't have scaled and grown our international team as desired.

Manuel Freire,

Head of Legal and Finance at Nomic Foundation

The Results

Finally, a truly efficient global HR platform

With Deel, the Nomic Foundation found a partner that effortlessly solved its international hiring puzzle and revolutionized its HR processes. Hiring 15+ team members across 10+ countries saved over $150k USD in entity setup costs. “Considering our growth and our future expansion plans, not having Deel HR would have made compliance more difficult and significantly increased our overhead,” said Freire.

Most importantly, with Deel, Nomic focused on building their dream team without worry.

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