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Platzi is an online education platform with more than 1,500 courses and 17 schools in areas such as artificial intelligence, design development and engineering, marketing, business, leadership, professional growth, among others; making it the largest technology school in the Hispanic world. Only 38% of the global population has accessed higher education, Platzi wants to change this and increase opportunities for people living in Latin America. Platzi is remote first, which allows it to attract the best talent no matter where they are located.

The Problem

Expanding the company to other markets

Platzi's dream is to break the cycle of poverty in Latin America through effective online education. Platzi's mission is to develop talents in AI and technology for companies, leaders and creators in Latin America, it is about transforming people's lives through education and for that it needs the best talent in Latin America and throughout the world. Knowing first-hand the power of technology, Platzi knew they needed a provider that moved fast while following hiring regulations to be able to incorporate talent internationally and compliantly.

The Solution

How they did it with Deel

Platzi hired more than 30 people in Latin America and beyond, teaming up in Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Canada, the United States, to name a few. Deel EOR and Deel Contractor Management has allowed them to have talent around the world to fulfill their expansion plan, and has not only facilitated hiring but has allowed them to offer added value to their talents: being able to pay them on time and considering personalized requirements. The incorporation of new talent to their team has been practically immediate using Deel as a platform.

While Freddy and Christian, the founders of Platzi, had to grow their dream between trips, today they and their team can manage it with comfort and peace of mind from anywhere in the world.

The Results

The invaluable peace of mind that comes with compliance

Platzi today can rest assured that their contracts made with Deel meet the legal requirements of each country and they can concentrate meeting talent growth needs, without worrying about where they live. That security also translates into time saved. Hiring without having geographical limits expands the offer and obviously speeds up processes.

“One of the things that we have solved since we have been remote and with the help of Deel has been the hiring of great talent without looking at where the person is located, without major legal complications, but based solely on the skills and capabilities of the candidates. That is, we can without any inconvenience search for talent around the world and make international hires without major complications. Deel has definitely been a great ally in this sense”, Adriana Medina, Vice President of Human Talent & Platzi ops.

Deel and Platzi come together with the same mission: to give everyone opportunities to change the world through education and work.

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