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How Supercoder uses Deel to overcome hurdles and democratize the IT world

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South Korea
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June 2021
On Deel since January 2022
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The start-up tackling IT shortage and DEI opportunities in Asian countries.

Asian countries like South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the UAE are facing a new reality: a shortage of software engineers. But South Korean startup, Supercoder, wants to change that by helping Asian tech companies hire top-tier remote Software Engineers from other parts of the world. They even have plans to expand their client market to non-Asian countries. Their key to easing the continental engineering shortage? Hiring fast (23 days on average) at competitive costs. However, making this many hires requires a platform that can keep up. That’s where Deel helps out.

Deel makes it easy for Supercoder to onboard and pay their developers, reducing their client HR Function Workload by over 80%. Now clients can focus on working with developers while Supercoder and Deel handle the rest. 

CEO of Supercoder, Kyle Yoon, said, “Start-ups need to solve problems. There are two problems that I’m solving through Supercoder: one is developer shortage, and the second one is DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] in South Korea. I’ve noticed that the South Korean workforce is very Korean-centric, but we want to change the culture by helping our clients hire somebody else from another different country. That is something that creates a value of diversity: everyone’s the same, everyone’s equal.”

Supercoder noticed two changes in companies working with a more diverse workforce:

  • 01 Companies become more global-minded and think about expanding into other regions.
  • 02 Improved English skills (reading, writing, and speaking) of developers from non-Asian countries.

How Supercoder uses Deel
to overcome hurdles and 
democratize the IT world 

Supercoder receives resumes from all over the world: Vietnam, India, Russia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, and more. After finding the perfect match for their clients, Supercoder needed a way to easily hire, pay, and onboard that employee. To accomplish this, they would have had to: 

  • icon-1supercoder Set up an entity in every country they wanted to hire —something that would have taken years.
  • supercoder-icon-2 Hire a lot of people to keep up with the local labor laws of 
each country—laws change often and tracking them requires 
a huge effort.
  • supercodeer-icon-3 Hire local employees in each region to handle the hiring process; then once an employee is found, manually sign a contract with them.
  • supercoded-icon-4 Open local bank accounts in every country.

Yoon and the Supercoder team knew Deel could tackle all these issues,
so they became Deel clients shortly after founding the company. 

How Deel helps Supercoder grow

  • img_customization Scaling their business

    Deel not only saves Supercoder time and money, but Supercoder has exponentially increased its revenue by 125% in only 5 months, plus grown its margin by 37%, client base 2.5x, and an in-house headcount from 4 people to 15 people.

    “All of our employees and developers love Deel as it’s very easy to use and intuitive even for people that are not so familiar with these tech products,” said Yoon.
  • img_individual Global peace-of-mind

    Supercoder knows that as they grow, Deel will continue to grow with them. From tapping into new products to continuing their international scale, Supercoder can focus on its next priority: expanding the developer pool in the Southeast Asian region.

Deel features they Love

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One-Click massive payments

“We can consolidate more than 20 invoices at a time and make the payment at once, so it saves us a lot of administration time and bank commission of swift transfer”

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User-friendly platform

 “All of our employees and developers love Deel as it’s very easy to use and intuitive even for people that it’s not so familiar with these tech products.”

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless. Ready to get started?






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