How ThirstySprout saves 7 to 10 hours per hire with Deel HR

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Meet ThirstySprout

ThirstySprout builds remote engineering teams for companies in the US. They work with companies of all sizes, hiring talent from all around the world. Their team is comprised of 52 people, with full-time and part-time contractors from all over the world.

The Problem

Global workforce hurdles

Before Deel, ThirstySprout was using a variety of platforms and tools to manage their global teams, like QuickBooks, BambooHR, and Hubstaff. However, it faced a lot of challenges for their HR needs.

The team found that although the HRIS they were using was designed for startups, it didn't quite fit their distributed-company requirements. “When we tried to step into the shoes of another well–known HRIS provider, they didn't quite fit. They were either too big or too small, and things were clunky.” Stepania explained, “Their product was for startups, but it was developed years ago. Now, in the world of remote work, startups are completely different.”

It wasn’t just the platform’s inability to manage international teams, it was the confusing documents and policies management experience as well. Plus, the platform couldn’t handle ThirstySprout’s need to ramp people up and down quickly.

The Solution

Making the switch to Deel HR

ThirstySprout's founder, David Stepania, needed a better way to manage their global team's HR needs and was referred to Deel HR. “We were impressed by how fast the company was innovating and pushing updates. [So] we left our previous provider and switched to Deel,” said Stepania.

The Results

Thriving with an all-in-one platform

ThirstySprout upgraded to Deel HR to completely manage its contractors, make payments, upload documents, policies, contracts, and more. “We use a bunch of different tools, and now we're trying to bring everything into Deel. For us, being able to have one place where we pay contractors and manage HR solves a huge problem. It makes things seamless,” said Stepania.

Apart from using Deel HR, ThirstySprout also uses Deel Engage to streamline PTO, increase Referrals, and automate onboarding, without ever leaving Slack. According to ThirstySprout, Deel decreases the time of onboarding and offboarding from 7 to 10 hours to 7 to 10 minutes by automating contract creation and contract signing, providing a safe and friendly place to store contracts and compliance documents.

ThirstySprout has found its solution in Deel. The platform saves time and increases efficiency in HR processes. ThirstySprout is confident in Deel's ability to continue shipping useful features for their company in the future. It praised Deel for its speed of innovation and ability to quickly figure out the next key problem-solving feature. Stepania commended Deel by saying, **"The speed of innovation that happens within the company is mind-blowing. I think they do one of the best jobs I've seen from all the other startups out there." **

“As most of our work gets done in Slack, the Slack integration and its ease of use are great. Teams don't have to log out and go to the HRIS to type in their stuff now. They just Slack it, and all of a sudden, everything is documented and synced,”

David Stepania,

Founder at ThirstySprout

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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