Meet our first-ever Social Media Nomad

Selected from over 1,400 global applicants, Carly Koemptgen is headed Down Under for six months as Deel's first-ever Social Media Nomad.

What Carly will be up to, Down Under


Sharing the adventure of a lifetime

Whether a whimsical road trip to a replica Lord of the Rings’ Hobbiton or navigating the coastal surf cities of the Gold Coast, follow Carly’s picturesque New Zealand and Australia travels for the next six months.


Documenting digital nomad life in the Southern Hemisphere

Curious about being a global worker Down Under? Carly will share her once-in-a-lifetime working holiday with the world—showcasing how Deel makes it easier for companies to hire, pay, and manage their workforce anywhere.


Connecting with global workers across Australasia

Armed with a phone, hotspot, and spirit of adventure, Carly will connect with our global Deel community, hosting get-togethers and interviewing international workers abroad.

Have a recommendation for Carly? Share people, places, and things our digital nomad should check out in New Zealand and Australia.

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It's not just living the van life, it's the job of a lifetime


A workcation Down Under

Carly will get paid monthly as our e-van-gelist, capturing and creating unique content with picturesque New Zealand and Australia as her backdrop.


Island hopping on Deel's dime

Deel has handled Carly’s airfare to New Zealand and from Australia to her home in Seattle. Well, we can buy the ticket, but we can’t promise she’ll want to return home.


Luxe van life with all the perks

The Deel Mobeel comes fully furnished with wi-fi, bedding, and awesome gear from our partners Xebec and Lume Cube to help keep Carly productive and well-lit during her journey.


A weekly stipend for everything in between

We’ll provide a weekly stipend covering food, gas, parking, and internet for her trip. After all, it is her mobile home for the next six months, and tons of content to get made.


Explore working in New Zealand

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Explore working in Australia

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Why did we do this?

Deel’s platform makes it easier for companies to hire, pay, and manage their workforce anywhere. As advocates of flexible, global work, we believe that great people should be able to get their dream job, regardless of their location. We launched a search for our first-ever Social Media Nomad to uncover a creative content creator to help share our story, educating customers and new businesses about the benefits of using Deel to simplify how people work worldwide.

Will similar roles be available in the future?

Though we currently don’t plan to hire another social media nomad, we may hire for this role again. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on future chances. We also have other open positions at Deel. See our careers page for opportunities.

What was your process for selection like?

We launched our search for Deel’s first-ever Social Media Nomad on September 21, 2022. It’s a dream job for one outstanding content creator to get paid while traveling Australia and New Zealand for six months via van while creating content that showcases the possibilities unlocked through flexible, remote work. During our open call for applications, which ran from September 21 and closed on October 11, 2022, we received over 1,400 applicants from all over the world for the role. After reviewing all applicant resumes, videos, and portfolios, we identified a diverse group of 42 candidates to move to interview with our team. From this group, we chose Carly Koemptgen as Deel’s first-ever social media nomad.

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