Why use Deel Equity Services?

For legal, finance, and HR teams, navigating EOR equity on an international level can be complex with regulations varying between jurisdictions.

How does it work?


Leave the admin to us

We’ll compliantly process all payroll and handle the reporting at taxable events based on the type of equity you grant and where you grant it.

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Let us help you decide the best equity type for your team 

Depending on where your employee is located, some equity incentives are more favorable than others. We can provide guidance on the following equity types:

  • NSOs: Non-Qualified Stock Options
  • RTUs: Restricted Token Units (Crypto)
  • RSUs: Restricted Stock Units
  • SARs: Share Appreciation Rights
  • Phantom Stocks


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Get support you can count on, whenever you need it

Whether you have general questions about equity compliance or need help navigating new global equity options, our experts are standing by (remotely) to help.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless. Ready to get started?






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