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Thursday, April 25th (15:00 PM)

Length: 1 h

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Bridging the Tech Talent Gap: Innovative Strategies and Young Perspectives

The talent shortage is real. With 75% of organizations struggling to find skilled talent (ManpowerGroup, 2024) we’re in for a bumpy ride in the coming years.

At the same time, new strategies like global hiring are on the rise. They’re changing the game and creating new and exciting opportunities for bridging the tech talent gap.

As Nordic business leaders 2024, how do we find the sweet spot between innovative hiring strategies, technology and talent needs?

Join us as we explore these issues with:

  • Mikaela Larsell Ayesa, Forbes 30 under 30, Head of Investor Relations at Techarenan and Entrepreneur
  • Daniel Eisenberg, Head of Expansion Nordics & EMEA at Deel
  • Host: Max Ek, AE Nordics at Deel

In this webinar:

  • Why companies fail at finding tech talent (and what to do about it)
  • The #1 expectation from young professionals on their boss
  • 3 things business leaders must do to future proof their hiring strategy
  • What leaders and tech talents can do to promote collaboration across borders
  • Career development 101: Must-haves of a company drawing talent
  • How globalization has changed the minds and hearts of tech talent

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Mikaela Larsell Ayesa

Forbes 30 under 30, Head of Investor Relations at Techarenan and Entrepreneur

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Daniel Eisenberg

Head of Expansion Nordics, Deel

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Max Ek

Strategic Account Representative

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