How to Get Paid: Non-U.S. Founders with U.S. & Non-U.S


24th - 10th June (10:00am EST)

Length: 60 minutes

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How to Pay Yourself

As founders what are your options to get paid - know the risks and the solutions

  • Dividends (and Taxes, DTA’s)
  • Employee vs Contractor Differentiation
  • Wages & Salaries (and why you can’t in the U.S.) and the solutions
  • Treat Yourself as a contractor (and the risks) and other options

How to Pay your Non-U.S. Teams

  • Can your non-U.S. teams be employees and get paid from the U.S.
  • How to apply the same principles to your teams
  • Stock Options, Benefits, etc.

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Cenk Tukel

Founder and CEO of Tukel Inc.

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