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About NexTech HR Summit 2024:

Amidst the wave of innovation, this is the moment for pioneers like you to unveil audacity and innovation, unlocking new horizons in the Metaverse. This is the era of outwitting competition by simplifying complexities and revolutionizing markets. Remember how Netflix replaced CDs? Technology doesn't merely evolve, it supersedes, reshaping the essence of work. Generative AI empowers individuals, automates tasks, and drives workforce transformation. The HR Tech paradigm empowers leaders to enhance business through talent, skills, and cost efficiency. Nextech India HR Summit showcases electrifying tech breakthroughs from web3 to Metaverse, unearthing riveting stories and pivotal moments.

At NEXTECH 2024, we dive into the future of tech and its profound impact on efficiency and decision-making. "Road to Meta Smart" is this year's theme, an expedition towards a universe where Meta and smart technologies converge, elevating capabilities to unprecedented heights. Seamlessly weaving advanced tech, our lives become interconnected, intelligent, and optimized.

Highlights to Embrace: Target Audience: 2000+ CEOs/MDs/Founders, CBOs/Business Heads, HR & Employee Experience Leaders, L&D & Total Rewards Leaders, Talent Pioneers, and more Global learning & networking: A dynamic 600+ minutes Gathering of visionaries: 2000+ Attendees, 50+ C-suite leaders, 70+ Speakers Dive into Key Insights & USPs: Business Innovation Inclusion & Sustainability Human Enablement Digital Leadership

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Karen Ng

Karen Ng, Regional Head ASEAN and India at Deel. Karen is Deel’s Commercial Leader for Asia. She oversees Deel’s business development across Asia, Greater China and India. Bringing over fifteen years of experience, as a business leader and people manager in the HR and Legal Tech industries, Karen has played a key role in Deel’s own hiring across the region. Prior to Deel, Karen was the Regional Head at HReasily and Global Director at Zegal, both Asia-based startups.

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