In-person (Malmö)

16th - 18th April (08:30)

Length: 2 Days

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Elevate Your Vision at Saasiest in Malmo, Sweden!

Join us for 2 days of innovation and inspiration as 1200 visionaries, founders, executives, and VCs unite at Saasiest.

Discover the future of work at Deel's booth and seize the opportunity to revolutionize your business. Engage with industry leaders, share experiences, and unlock the insights that will shape the way we work tomorrow!

Daniel Eisenberg has a Key note on the main stage

CET 15:50 April 16 $0M to $500M ARR in less than 5 years: How Everything Breaks in Hypergrowth This session offers a candid look at the exhilarating yet challenging path of hypergrowth, highlighting the inevitable hurdles and lessons learned along the way. Discover the key strategies for managing rapid scale, from maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction to evolving team structures and processes. Learn firsthand how successful companies navigate the complexities of scaling at an unprecedented pace, including managing cash flow, culture, and customer relationships.

Swing by Booth # 18 and get the chance to Win a FREE flight to ANYWHERE in Europe! Let's co-create the future of work together!

Saasiest is your canvas for collaboration and innovation. See you there! #SaasiestMalmo #FutureOfWork #InnovationHub #BusinessTransformation

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Daniel Eisenberg

Head of Expansion, Nordics at Deel

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